"Only nature cures. The task of the physician should be to help nature's efforts, not combat them."     Hippocrates

A Unique Approach To Healing

When our energy flows freely, we feel healthy. And that flow of energy is influenced by the way we live. The part of us that is not aligned with the law of nature disturbs our flow and will manifest as "dis-ease". Which is a sign that there is something wrong with the way we live. Once we realize this,  the "dis-ease" will turn its course and begins to "ease", and all other aspects of life will change towards a positive direction.

 The treatments offered at the Tara Sanctuary are quiet and meditative. The intention is to lead the client into a wakeful state of deep introversion known as Yoga Nidra. It is my experience that transformation and healing occurs within an intense meditative state. These treatments work on a deep level to awaken the heart and to renew positivity. It brings harmony back to the life force.

 In order to enhance the psycho-spiritual potency of the treatment, intentions and visualizations are planted in the subconscious.

 After the insertion of the acupuncture needles in the body, when the body is relaxed and the mind is calm. I offer navigation through inner space, drawing on whatever is inspired in the moment. The gentle guidance helps the client to experience purely, without mental filters, what mysteries wait to be revealed. During the treatment, the client may have a realization to "let go" or may experience a "shift in consciousness".

 The essence of these unique treatments comes from the awakening of a special phenomenon within us known as a "return to nature". This is felt as a harmonic rhythm of energy that manifests when our hearts resonate and become attuned with the whole universe. When we are attuned in this way, we heal naturally. Our innate wisdom is restored and we access joy.

 Both my client and I benefit from the treatments and experience a mutual encouragement to grow and to heal.

 This is among the most beautiful and exciting work that I do.