I use Whole Person Fertility program , which offers a revolutionary, mind/body/spirit process to help women conceive. I work with women and men to increase their opportunity to get pregnant and carry to term.This work recognizes that fertility difficulties are not necessarily only a medical problem, but are often related to issues in one's personal history and current life. This process helps couples reclaim their reproductive rights and offers tremendous potential for transformation and healing.

In Chinese medicine, menopause is often referred to as the 'second spring' because this is when a woman enters into her power years. This is a difficult concept to wrap around a Westerner’s mind, since a woman outgrows her value as her beauty fades in our media driven culture. But traditionally, a woman’s value, influence, and power grows as she matures with wisdom; the matriarch once held a high position of respect and reverence, even in our culture.



Menopause signifies the end of a woman's menstrual cycle, the majority of women end their menstruation between the ages of 48 to 52. 

A woman may notice that her menstrual cycle changes and become irregular. Breast tenderness, abdominal bloating, mood swings, sweets cravings, and decreased energy can all be part of the peri-menopause experience. As the actual menopause,  the cessation of menstruation grows nearer, the symptoms may become more extreme; hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, headaches, insomnia, and moodiness may aggravate the transition. 
In Chinese medicine, menopause is considered a normal transition that should pass quickly and smoothly. Modern women experience so much stress throughout their adult lives that our endocrine systems become un-balanced, and menopause becomes yet another source of stress. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help to normalize hormones and lessen the symptoms associated with peri-menopause.