Herbal Medicine

The origins of modern medicine can be traced to herbs and crude botanicals. With nearly 500,000 species of plants inhabiting Earth, over 5,000 have been studied for medicinal use. Whether in the form of powders, capsules or liquids, herbal remedies use the whole essence of the plant to provide treatment that is naturally safe with no side effects, if used appropriately.

 Chinese herbal medicine is one of the most sophisticated herbal medicine systems in the world. Typically, combinations of six to 20 ingredients are used in formulas correlated to each individual’s pattern of disharmony. The formulas are crafted together to act synergistically, each ingredient designed to accomplish a part of the overall process of restoring balance. 

 The multi-ingredient formulas may be decocted and drunk as a strong tea, or taken as a tincture or pill several times per day. Chinese herbs can include ingredients from the animal and mineral kingdoms as well as the plant kingdom such as roots, barks, fruits, berries, twigs, stems, leaves and flowers. 

For those individuals already taking prescription medication, professional advice is given before beginning an herbal remedy program. Herbal medicine works in harmony with the body's healing powers to treat health concerns like: Allergies, common cold, depression, fatigue, , menopause, nervous system conditions, stress heart conditions,  and much more.

 There are formulas to treat many of the conditions that might arise during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Herbal medicine can be used to keep up a woman’s strength and vitality during labor. Chinese medicine also has several herbal formulas for vaginal washes or suppositories to tighten and strengthen the vagina postpartum. Because labor, the production of breast milk, and recovery take great amounts of Qi, Chinese herbs may be prescribed to boost or supplement the Qi and blood, helping the woman to recover.


 DANG GUI Angelica Sinensis (Organ Associations: Spleen, Kidneys, and Liver) 

· Extremely safe & non-toxic, safe to use everyday

· Supreme “Women’s Herb” (Queen of Chinese Herbs)

· Supreme Blood Tonic

· Blood vitalizing herb

· Improves blood circulation

· Used by men as a muscle building blood tonic

· Mildly sedative; soothing to nervous disorders & excessive emotionalism

· Regulates female menstrual cycle

· Treats painful menstruation and menstrual disturbances

· Treats infertility, premenstrual syndrome & menopausal, distress

· Gynecological regulator

· Treats common anemia

· Good for after illness or surgery to rebuild red blood cells and increase blood volume