Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


Foods have energetic properties, flavors and their own thermal nature, they can have actions of reinforcing or reducing, ascending or descending. Foods are able to balance Yin and Yang, Qi and blood in the body. 

 Nutritional advise is given depending on the constitution, the present condition, organ systems involved.

 The condition may be deficiency or excess, hot or cold, internal or external, yin or yang. The movement of seasonal energies in the environment are also considered.  We should eat in season, locally grown food.

 Sometimes foods will be prescribed instead of herbs in cases where the patient is on many pharmaceuticals that react badly with herbs. I may also prescribe foods and recipes as an adjunct to treatment, either helping to improve the digestive function to properly assimilate the herbs or to accentuate the effect of the formula.

 Having suffered from metabolic damage, heavy metal toxicity, anemia, digestive problems etc., I immersed myself in learning everything possible to heal my physical body.I studied and personally tried numerous holistic approaches. Through this process of self healing, eating a vegan macrobiotic diet and gradually moving towards uncooked food, I gained the knowledge of food combining and preparation. and finally as a celebration of my aliveness, a passion for a Raw Living Food lifestyle arose.

 I recommend including "super foods" in your daily diet. They are "power foods" that have been used by indigenous cultures for medicine and nourishment for thousands of years. like Goji berry, Golden berry, Mulberry, Acai, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Seaweeds and Sea Vegetables.

 There is no need to worry about the intake of calories or protein. the "energetics" of your food is what's important. Healing with whole food, consuming more raw living foods for the healthy individual is a preventative way to maintain health.

 A good starting approach is to avoid white foods other than vegetables. Avoid dairy products (raw dairy is better, goat milk easier to digest). Avoid white sugar, white flour, white table salt (use pink rock salt instead).  Avoid fried greasy food



 When you are severely sick a good recipe to start is rice soup - in Chinese: congee, or xi fan, or jook. One part rice, 5 parts water, cook long and slow with food-grade herbs and/or vegetables, especially root vegetables. It is easy nourishment, a comfort.