I earned my license to practice Acupuncture/herbal Medicine and my Master of Science in Oriental Medicine  with Magna Cum Laude from ECTOM (Emperor's Collage of Traditional Oriental Medicine).

 I also received training in Acupuncture and Herbal pharmacology at CBIATC (China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center). My education included observation and work in teaching hospitals and pharmacies in Beijing.

 Prior to my studies in Chinese Medicine, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Child Development from UCLA .

 My experiences at UCLA include medical research at NPI(Neuropsychiatric Institute) as well as behavioral therapy of children with Autism at Lovaas Institute and teaching at IDP (Infant Development Program at UCLA).


After graduating UCLA, I traveled to Hawaii, experiencing sustainable lifestyles in harmony with nature, quite different from the academic life I was living. That was a turning point in my life to search for wisdom and not just academic knowledge.

 I came back and started my studies in Chinese Medicine and traveled to many places learning and practicing Yoga, Meditation and various forms of Healing Arts. 

 At the same time I set out on an intense search for wisdom, seeking an understanding of Self that would bring about mental and emotional mastery and would enable me to relate to life in a more harmonious way. This led me on a journey of Self-discovery that ended with a series of deep experiences, which brought about profound inner change.

 My transformational experiences brought me back into the academic and professional worlds as a healthcare practitioner and an educator of contemplative disciplines, with an added insight. My goals are now to serve with love, and to strive towards creating a joyful community.